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Let’s work and play in a joyful and sustainable way.

Grow your skills

We create jobs, roles and career opportunities around whatever works best for you.  You stay who you are and not get squared in a role that doesn’t truly reflect on what you want to achieve. Your interests might change over time. Your ambition and curiosity will not. We offer temp entry level positions, long term core team memberships as well as leadership positions.

Roles listed will change from time to time. Here is what we are focused on currently.



Our tool stack

We think it is helpful you know what we work with. No ancient legacy tools. Just modern apps for smartphones and browsers. And you will learn how to truly secure your devices and accounts with state of the art methods. Also useful in private life.

Diverse superpowers

Our team is set to grow regardless of borders and includes members from many different countries. Speaking German is not a requirement. English skills are an important baseline though. We respect whoever you are and invite you to work with us.

Open Positions

Mix and match the following templates to create the job profile that makes sense for you to start with.

From September/October to March/April you can work flexible hours every Saturday, Sunday, on holidays and school vacations to support the operations at our Buntewelt location. Your tasks include supervising the venue, helping guests learn about the featured toys or games and making sure the location is neat and pleasant at anytime.

This position is perfect for you if you like to work with kids and have a positive outgoing attitude.

Any additional language skills besides conversational German language skills are a huge plus.

How to apply

Mix, match and level

Sketch the position that best reflects your skills, interests and ambitions. Suggest the level to start with. Use this to write a short introduction in English or German to complement your resume.

Introduce yourself

Send us the link to your resume on LinkedIn or other sites. Or send us an E-Mail with one single PDF file. Only include information relevant to working with us, your work experience and letters of recommendation. We don't look at grades, certificates or the schools or universities you went to.

We call you

To make sure we understand your intent and if we need to learn about some more details we will contact you. It can take up to three weeks for us to respond.

We start a conversation

To get to know each other we will schedule one or more interviews. For entry level positions the first interview might be the one we can offer you a job on the spot. Other positions will move though two to four one on one in-person or video meetings. There is no way to prepare except to stay authentic.

We give feedback

While we can not share reasons for (not) hiring, we do give individual feedback on the interview experience so you can improve your skills. We also welcome your feedback on our part.

No jobs, just people.

The one job you are looking for will likely never exist. What you find with us today might be automated in the future. We can only offer you to join a team of crazy ambitious and smart creatives. We will encourage you to build yourself the job and career you've been looking for. And to reinvent it again and again.

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